In 1992 the enterprise was founded as the operator company of a small slaughterhouse and from the
beginning it started to develop dynamically. After a couple of years the company gave up its original business profile and specialised in the slaughter of calves, lambs and muttons, as well as the processing of their meat.
The company’s philosophy: constant high quality plus flexible market management.
In answer to meet consumer’s search for convenience in the kitchen, premium meat products have been launched. This meat is matured and/or seasoned, packed in skin or protective atmosphere tray and can be prepared in a short time. Several of these products have been awarded with the certification trademark KMÉ (Excellent Hungarian Food).

The deboning department also prepares cuts for freezing, such as chops, cubes or slices. These products are aimed at the attraction of new customers.
In addition to “normal” slaughter, ritual slaughtering is also carried out regularly according to Halal and Kosher requirements as well.

Quality assurance systems such as HACCP and IFS have been used by the company for a long time and are audited every year. This is also symbolised by the image of the Sun and the Moon on the company logo, representing consistency and reliability.

Important elements of the business strategy are e.g. the increase of veal and mutton consumption on the domestic market and the expansion of the export markets.
The raw material suppliers are exclusively Hungarian producers. The climate and the mixed flora of Hungary is particularly suitable for the production of livestock. The natural methods of livestock farming and the innovative genetic background contribute to the opportunity for manufacturing excellent products.
Lamb and veal may be given priority from dietetic point of view as well, since these meats as food ingredients are really tasty, healthy and easy to digest.